An economic system by District 1 for District 1

SORA District 1 is an economic social network for District 1 -- jobs, freelancing, products, vehicles, real estate, dropshipping, healthcare, utilities, and more!

SORA stands for Social resource allocation, an agreement-based exchange system for everything

SORA Jobs, Fix, and Talent

An employment platform directly connected to SORA Learn and Apprentice. Find jobs and freelance work in District 1

SORA Incidents and Relief

An offline-online disaster relief mobile app that helps in rebuilding societies

SORA Pledge

A decentralized donation and investment platform where you can pledge in cash or in kind

SORA Learn and Apprentice

An decentalized educational system bringing back the Roman system of apprenticehips

SORA Books

An decentalized educational system bringing back the Roman system of apprenticehips

SORA Market and Trade

A hyperlocal products and commodities platform. Can scale to cross-border trade to implement Adam Smith's free trade system

SORA Land, Spaces, and Park

A real estate platform with a parking space finder. Will assess real land values in real time

SORA Power

A utilities marketplace where suppliers are on a level playing field

SORA Events

A hyperlocal events platform. Target year: 2020

SORA Health

A healthcare, insurance, and medicines marketplace for both Western and traditional medicine


We allow animal users to avail of SORA Health and Jobs.

SORA Zoom, Machines, and Gears

A hyperlocal vehicle, machinery, and spare parts marketplace. Also part of the free trade system

SORA Eats, Drinks, and Food

A hyperlocal food and drinks marketplace and booking platform that works with or without money

SORA Indicators

A free analytics platform for SORA data showing GDP and Purchasing Power in real time


A semi-automated taxation system that follows the Roman tax farming system implemented online via modernpublicanito make taxation easy and reduce corruption. This will be the final component of SORA. Target year: 2027